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Silvercloud sell and make Bespoke, Affordable Semi-precious jewellery, Rocks and Crystals.
Silvercloud is run and designed by Zani, a multi-talented freelance artist, and her company has been trading since December 2007. She has a friendly and informal approach, building a personal and trusting service with her customers, following their requests, deadlines and budgets.

She enjoys making bespoke one off jewellery pieces, whether inspired by seasons, spirituality, angels, rainbows, astrological, protective, empowering, you name it, any purpose and meaningful always. She
 has also worked with Psychic's, designing and making specific jewellery as protective themed pieces, including fertility, love, prosperity, any of which is suitable and personal to the client, made with love, meditation and care, and all using silver, gold, leather, semi-precious stones and charms. She
 has often made personalised childrens jewellery, and has revamped and recycled clients old, broken or sentimental pieces, turning it into something new and keeping your costs down upon requests!,and this does include repair work,which many conventional companies will not do, or charge an outrageous amount of money for. She
 is very open minded so unconventional requests are always welcomed, including your privacy.

As well as having over 20 years experience making jewellery for the general public,

Zani has a background in the fine Arts, Dressmaking and designing, singing and songwriting, traditional leather hand stitching, i.e making and re-upholstering scabbards, frogs and other traditional worn items for the military (now unfortunately a dying art), re-upholstering furniture for T.V and Films. She has studied dance, theatre and acting, appearing as a presenter and a regular on a live music show, extra work and songs used in a chanel 4 series,wardrobe assistant, colourist designer, makeup design, Body-piercing-studying with Gauntlet  U.S.A, once a leading company in body piercing and its origins, Being an active member of an arts co-operative and vegetarian cafe called 'The Caned Toad Cafe, where they worked at venues and festivals, with U.V spectacular underworld phsycadelic fish and sea creatures,made from re-cycled items and paper mache with live in-house D.J's playing ambient rave music, workshops for adults and children, She 
also worked in a well known theatre as an assistant and head chef, raw healthful foods an interest, including healing alternative therapy, universal energy and reiki.
Zani also sells incense, a small array of gifts, candles and other small quaint items including dreamcatchers, hanging hearts, stars and fairies, buddha's, and other small lucky charms.

Including this, she is also available for freelance or commission work, including any of the other areas she's had many years experience maturity and commitment working in, (as all mentioned above). She is also available for Jewellery or office parties, for a minimal order of £200, and the host receiving a 30% discount. Either way Zani is available Wednesday to Sunday, 10.30am - 6.30pm to answer your questions.

Thank you and Kind Regards.